Our Beliefs

The Vision

Our vision is to be obedient children of the living God.. through his son our savior the Lord Jesus Christ; living pure and holy lives that testify to the world around us.

We seek to put all things under the authority of God our lives, our ministries and our facilities.

Our primary focus is the lost and to have serious and intense passion to lead them to our savior, both through the institution of the church and through the personal witness of its people. We also seek to follow Christ's command, to discipline our chidren and new believers with the teaching of the bible in such a manner that they will be able to withstand the onslaught of the world. 

It is our vision to be a Church and a people the ministries healing and to carry tangible ministries into the heart of the needy in our community. We wish to have a healthy and vigorous means of institution and personal growth in the lives of every believer man, woman and child;  encouraging the exercising of personal and spiritual gifts, always acknowledging the holy spirit as our helper. May God's vision be our vision until our Lord comes again.



Church Covenant